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how to choose the right artist

You might have never gotten anything done before and are starting to feel the itch to do so.. or maybe you had a bad experience and are looking to switch to another artist. Whether your predicament is: I am here to help you.

As a new artist myself that started with no clientele, the ones that chose to book with me were all new clients that had never gotten their lashes done or did not on a regular basis. There’s something about taking someone’s lash virginity that makes it so exciting, yet nervous for me because I want to give the BEST EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE. (Sounded a bit dirty there but only if you think that way ;)

Here is a list that I complied for things you should look out for and take in consideration when looking for a new artist in the beauty industry:

1. The artist’s line of work and expertise

Chances are you’re going through Instagram/Google looking for that perfect artist to book with, and if you are, you should book with someone who actually posts work that you like would want done on yourself. For example, looking for a lash artist who specializes in natural sets, you want them to show natural looking lash sets to actually see that they can do it.

2. Their workspace

This is all about your comfort level, safety, security and cleanliness.

Check if there are any pictures of their workspace, if they do have, personally it’s a checkmark off my box because I would want to see what I am getting myself into- will they be doing the service in their basement? Garage? On the couch? In the bedroom? In a salon?

Based on your comfort level, ask yourself how comfortable would you be, say, going to a random stranger’s house to lay there/be there for 2-4 hours? Another thing is to check if they post about their cleaning/sanitation routine and protocols (HELLO COVID!) this will give you an extra piece of mind :) Check out The Blushing Diary Beauty Studio’s here. https://www.theblushingdiary.com/policies

3. How they present themselves

This is a huge one for me, not only is word of mouth important, but so is their online presence. Are they showing their face to the public?

I would personally be more inclined to book if I knew/saw who was behind the business. Maybe it’s just me, but that is my preference- I like seeing a face to a business because it makes me feel more connected.

4. Are they active/responsive?

If you were to ask them a question, how long would they respond?

You would want to book with someone who responds in a timely manner, not someone who takes 2 days (unless they were on vacation or have a personal matter)

5. How well can they respond to your questions?

I encourage you to ask the artist questions, whether you are a new client or a first time client.

This is important because it shows their customer service skills and you can kinda get an understanding of their vibe!

6. Do they have any testimonials?

Google is your best friend when it comes to finding information, just search up their business name. They might also post their review on social media platforms like Instagram, so take a look at them!

7. If someone you know got serviced by them, would they recommend the artist?

It’s true when they say word of mouth is powerful and more trustworthy, ask your friends for any recommendations if you know they got the service done!

8. Does it seem like they’ll fit your vibe?

I know we aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but I think it’s really important to find an artist that is on the same wave length as you or you can atleast relate with

9. Location

This is important as most people look for an artist in their area, again Google/Instagram is your best friend! I personally travel to North York to get my lashes done, but I think it’s worth the drive. Also take in the factor if it is transit accessible/safe location/is there ample parking/street parking etc :)

10. Prices

I know we all want to save money, but for many beauty services like lash extensions you really can’t skimp out.

I don’t recommend price shopping because you want quality work and someone that can deliver good results while maintaining integrity of what is being done. I do recommend booking with an artist that you can actually comfortably afford. Remember that lashes are a luxury and not a necessity. Check to see if the artist has a referral program or a new client promo!

I hope this guide was helpful for you, and if you decide that I am a good fit to be your next artist then feel free to book an appointment here: https://theblushingdiary.as.me/schedule.php



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