"don't just chase your dreams, go out and live it."

Hello there!

My name is Sammy Zeng and I am the friendly face behind The Blushing Diary. I am a lash lift specialist and PMU artist based in Markham, ON and my goal is to help individuals achieve their low maintenance beauty goals.


The Blushing Diary came to be because of:

  • my love of wearing blush and how it just adds a flush of colour to my face 

  • I am extremely passionate about writing (mostly journaling and inspirational pieces)

From a young age, I was an ambitious, diligent and hardworking individual that led me to have 6+ years of customer service experience- 4 of those years in management/supervisory and training roles. I graduated in 2018 with a high honours distinction at Seneca College, studying Flight Services: Operations and Cabin Management. Shortly after graduating, I landed my current role as a flight attendant at WestJet Encore, a regional airline based in Canada. In order to successfully qualify as a cabin crew member I had to successfully complete 5 weeks of intensive flight attendant training. 

I started The Blushing Diary during the pandemic in 2020 after getting temporarily laid off from flying. I was only laid off 6 months before getting recalled, but my life changed forever marking my space into entrepreneurship. Due to the uncertainty of life, I decided there was no right time to ever start something so I went for it. It was a long term goal of mine to start a business eventually, and I had always been invested in everything beauty, so it made perfect sense to me. I owe it to my mentor and good friend, Zhea Flores, from The Beauty Principle because she really inspired with with her own journey.


"when I put my heart into something, I give it my all and I never give up."

When I am not in my cozy beauty studio perfecting my craft or focusing on building my business, I am on airplane mode 25,000 ft in the sky. I live for irregular and crazy schedules, so you can find me either awake or asleep at random times during the day.

In my free time, I like to:

  • Keep furthering and investing in my education by taking courses to expand my knowledge

  • Try out new food spots (Ice cream, Japanese + Korean food is my fav!)

  • Make sure I stay active 

  • Travel the world 

  • Be in-tune with nature

  • Spend time with those that bring contentment and joy in my life

  • Film random reels, tiktoks and youtube videos 


I love creating, doing my own thing, and it allows me to grow as a person. I love what I do because I love meeting people of all walks of life and hearing their stories. I believe I am able to make a difference in people's lives, as I can make them feel beautiful and good about themselves. That within itself is absolutely rewarding to me. 

My hope for The Blushing Diary is that I continue to build my own authentic personal brand. I hope to inspire individuals to live out their dreams. Follow my journey and get to know me more on social media: @theblushingdiary ♡

Youtube: blissfulsammy